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Bring efficiency, stability and peace of mind to your Chicago IT operations.

IT Managed Services for Chicago's businesses

We help CIOs and IT leaders produce more value for their organizations by delivering managed IT operational excellence.

While many companies want to be your trusted strategic partner from Day 1, let us earn it.

Based on our decade of successfully supporting the fiercely demanding trading and financial industry in Chicago, we are now setting a new standard for outsourced IT operations for Chicagoland businesses.

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CIOs often tell us:

  • “I was hired to drive technology innovation, but I am spending 50% - 90% of my time in operations.”

  • “I recognize that the real cost of IT operations is in the opportunity cost of not delivering innovation quickly enough.”

  • “I know that the most highly compensated CIOs spend no more than 10% - 25% of their time on operations.”

  • “If I could easily outsource IT operations, I would.  However, I cannot in good faith relinquish that kind of control without having complete trust in my partner, and trust takes time.  A lot of time.”

  • “Most IT outsourcing contracts I’ve seen have failed, and the quality of service, responsiveness, and technical expertise went down, not up.”

If you are:

  • A CIO or IT leader responsible in whole or in part for IT operations

  • Working for a Chicago-based company of 50-4,000 employees

  • Ambitious in your career

  • Open to new possibilities about offloading components of operations

  • Skeptical about the reality of your complex environment being effectively managed by an outside company

  • Then allow us to demonstrate the YJT difference.

We have implemented monitoring on over 50,000 devices worldwide and spent over 10,000 hours developing and tuning reporting solutions for businesses.

We have successfully supported some of the most complex and demanding IT environments in the trading industry where ITIL standards weren't enough.

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managed services monitoring network devices


It's hard to be a competitive chess player while fighting fires.

If you are an in-the-trenches IT staffperson, you might view us as a threat to your job.

You're right.  We are eager to take over part of your job, but likely it's not the job you were hired to do or frankly want to do!

Most IT people are yearning to innovate, to drive new ideas to successful completion, and to apply new technologies to their business to drive costs down and competitive advantages up.  That's why you went into IT in the first place.

Most IT people do not want to focus on operations unless that company's business model is about driving innovation in IT operations, as YJT is.

We help IT professionals have better careers.  Let us show you how.

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"Since partnering with YJT, our clients have commented on our improved response time, uptime and issue resolution. I have peace of mind knowing  that YJT is handling our overnight support"

- Peter J. Partner, VDIware

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Peter J - Partner, Vdiware

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